Thursday, April 20, 2006


Dem O's Last Night: O's win with six Field Goals

18 freakin' runs? 21 freakin' hits? Sweet lord have mercy.

Jeez, and you thought the O's bullpen had issues.

Well, it does, but at the very least we've seen one in even worse shape than ours. The Indians' relievers were falling like flies last night. Matt Miller and Rafael Betancourt both pulled up lame in the same inning. Ouchies.

Erik Bedard goes for the O's this afternoon. A victory would take him to 4 and 0, a start every bit as hot as last year. Rookie Fausto "El Diablo" Carmona looks to spoil Senior Day at Camden Yards, where nebulously defined "Senior Citizens" can get a ticket and a box lunch (Mmm... prunes) for just $15.

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